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Welcome to Arbour Lake!

The community that has is it all! A pristine lake brimming with rainbow trout, neighbourhood parks, spectacular mountain views, a regional bike and walkway path carved through rolling hills. Swimming, boating, fishing, ice skating, concession, community events and much more. Your activities are only limited by your imagination. As Northwest Calgary’s only lake community, Arbour Lake offers a quality of living unmatched.

The Arbour Lake Residents Association is a limited company that was registered under the laws of Alberta on July 19, 1991. The purpose of this company is to care for, and improve upon, the Arbour Lake amenities, with the main focus being a pristine ten-acre lake in the heart of the community.


Arbour Lake will be the most desirable community that encompasses world class amenities, a sense of welcoming and engaging residents to live the exclusive lake lifestyle.

History and Evolution

Fly fishing in the suburbs? What a concept! The idea for Arbour Lake was conceived by David Poppitt, who has been with Arbour Lake´s main developer, Melcor Developments Ltd., for twenty-five years. After visiting several upscale, popular lake communities in Southern California, he envisioned a lake community among the grassy hills and ravines of North West Calgary. The first showhomes in Arbour Lake appeared in 1991 and by 1993, the lake was filled and officially opened for recreation. We´ve come a long way from that Atco trailer in the parking lot!

Arbour Lake is the Second Best Neighbourhood in Calgary 

Environmental psychologists don’t know exactly why proximity to water, including urban water features, is good for our physical and mental health – they just know it is. So it should surprise no one that one of the city’s lake communities ranked as the second-most-desirable neighbourhood in Calgary.

Arbour Lake, whose namesake lake is both the geographic and recreational hub of the community, offers residents swimming, boating and fishing in the summer, and ice skating, curling and ice fishing in the winter. On sunny days the beach is a hive of family fun, with children making sandcastles while teens play beach volleyball, parents prepare picnics and seniors stroll the lakefront pathway.

Arbour Lake’s “blue space” gets much of the attention, but the community also has enviable access to green space. A bike-and walking-trail network winds through the rolling hills and ravines, affording sweeping views of the Rockies to the west.

But it’s not all play at this northwest community. People have to get to work, too, and Arbour Lake’s proximity to major routes such as Crowchild Trail, Stoney Trail and John Laurie Boulevard as well as its Transit Score, thanks to the nearby Crowfoot CTrain station, are significant factors in its high ranking. Having a grocery store or specialty market in the neighbourhood is another highly prized attribute to survey respondents and Arbour Lake has them in abundance, from a Safeway and a Co-op to Amaranth Whole Foods Market.

While much of what recommends Arbour Lake is outdoor-focused, there are also abundant opportunities for indoor fun, including a movie theatre, the Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot, Schanks Sports Grill and The Spa Ritual if you just need to unwind.



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