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* Adult members are permitted a maximum of five (5) guests per household per day.

* Members who are under the age of 16 years are permitted a maximum of two (2) guests at any one time and guests must provide photo ID. No Arbour Lake Resident may be considered a guest.

* Any requests for more than 5 guests (up to a maximum of 16 guests) must be made through, and approved by management at least 7 days in advance via  This is a request only and bookings are not guaranteed until confirmed. The ALRA may at any time limit the number of guest bookings per day.

* All guests must be accompanied by a Member at all times.

* Homeowner Members and Tenant Members are at all times responsible for the actions of their family members and their guests or their family members’ guests.

* Members may not check in guests without a current lake card.

* Members under 18 years of age who bring guests must leave their lake card at the office and guests must leave a piece of photo ID with the member's lake card.  Members and guests may pick up their ID upon their departure. At no time can a guest be in the lake without a member.

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