* New Owners must present a completed New Owner's Registration form, a copy of their land title, and a valid driver's license with the Arbour Lake address in order to receive a lake card.

* Renters must present a completed Renter's Access form and a valid driver's license with the Arbour Lake address in order to receive a lake card.

*A valid driver's license with the Arbour Lake address is required for any member over the age of 16.

* Members over the age of 12 will be issued Membership Cards. Members under the age of 12 have the option of having their picture on file but will not be issued a card.

** Any member 11 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a responsible person of 12 years of age or older.

* Membership Cards are personal to the Member and are not transferable by the Member. It is a serious breach of the Rules and Regulations to lend a Membership Card to another person.

* When using the Arbour Lake Amenities, presentation of a Membership Card is mandatory to gain access to the lake and lake facilities. Members should carry their membership cards at all times and be prepared to present them for inspection upon request by a member of the Residents Association Staff.

* Replacement membership cards may be purchased for $25 for lake cards more than 2 years old. 

* Homeowners choosing to rent their Arbour Lake property will be required to choose between retaining their lake access or relinquishing it to their tenants. Access for both the homeowners and tenants is not permitted. As a homeowner if you choose to relinquish your lake access to your tenants you must submit a Renters Access form, which is posted under "Forms" on our website 

* Membership Cards remain the property of the Residents Association which may require such cards to be returned if the holder of the card breaches the Rules and Regulations.

© 2023 by David Visser - Arbour Lake Residents Association 

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