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  • Any personal outside inflatable water toys as per Provincial Regulations.

  • Any glass bottles, glass containers, glass cups, etc. 

  • Any ALCOHOL, drug, cigarettes or similar substance

  • Any animal

  • Any bicycle, skateboard, scooter or other vehicle

  • Any roller-skates or roller blades

  • Any open fires 

  • Any motor boat or snowmobile

  • Any personal watercraft equipment

  • Taking sand off the beach

  • Digging deep holes in the beach

* There is NO SMOKING and NO VAPING inside the park or parking lot.

* No person shall at any time discharge, deposit, throw, dump or place any trash or debris of any kind whatsoever (including, without limitation, any toxic or dangerous substance or material) in the lake, or on the lake property or in dumpsters, all of which are strictly prohibited at all times.

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