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Important Notice

 At this time, only catch & release fishing will be permitted at Arbour Lake. No fish of any size or kind can be kept. This regulation is a result of Alberta Environment and Parks suspending all fish stocking activities within the Bow River drainage area, which includes Arbour Lake. This action is in response to the presence of Whirling disease in the Bow River and commercial fish culture operations. As a result, the lake will not be stocked indefinitely, and no fish may be kept for the foreseeable future.

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Fishing Activities

Fishing activities will not be supervised. Arbour Lake is a private facility and therefore holds a valid fishing license for all members. Fishing privileges on Arbour Lake are restricted to Members and their guests provided the Member is present.

  • Every member must read and sign a fishing orientation.

  • We reserve the right to inspect all bags, fishing equipment, coolers, etc. at any time.

  • Fishing may only be done from the designated fishing dock. Fishing is not permitted from the boat launch area or into the swimming area. 

  • Hooks must be barbless and egg hooks are not permitted. No triple hooks are to be used.  This promotes the release of healthy fish and ensures the survival of released fish.

  • No live bait, corn, bread, minnows, smelts, fish or nets may be used to catch fish.

  • Only one rod per resident may be cast at any one time and fishing lines must be attended to at all times.

  • Injured or deceased fish must be surrendered to a staff member.

Random tackle box checks will be performed before, during and after entering the lake to ensure all rules and regulations are followed.


Violation of the following regulations will result in a one-month

suspension from fishing:

  • You use live bait, corn, bread, minnows, smelts, fish or nets to catch fish

  • You use barbed hooks

  • You do not release a healthy fish

To properly control and maintain the fish population in the lake, the Residents Association reserves the right, from time to time and without notice, to suspend fishing rights in the lake for a period of time as the Residents Association, in its sole discretion, deems necessary or prudent.

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