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Residents Hall

For hall rentals, please contact hallrentals@arbourlake.com

Phone:  403-241-2628

Email:  hallrentals@arbourlake.com

Office Hours:  Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Residents Hall:

Non-commercial kitchenette




2 sinks and serving counter

Tables and chairs provided

Maximum Occupancy (according to fire regulations):

With chairs only max of 100 people

With tables and chairs max of 75 people

Standing room max of 125 people

The Rentee agrees to adhere to the maximum hall capacity number, as stated on the Occupancy Load Certificate posted in the facility.


ALRA Members: $40 per hour plus GST

Non-Members:  $50 per hour plus GST

Damage Deposit:  $400.00

Payment and deposit are due at the time of booking.  The deposit will be returned if everything outlined in the Rental Agreement is complete.  A $75.00 fee will be applied to all non-sufficient fund cheques written by the Rentee and returned to the Residents Association.  Forfeit of the Rentees damage/security deposit will be applied for failure to comply with the conditions of the rental agreement.

Renting/Policies Agreement

Please read the following statements carefully:

Booking is confirmed upon receipt of full payment, including rental and damage deposit. Absolutely no refunds for cancellations.

Minimum rental rate is 3 hours and is only in full hours. For Arbour Lake residents, the charge is $40 per hour, plus GST. For non-Arbour Lake residents, the charge is $50 per hour, plus GST. Proof of address is required for the Arbour Lake resident rate.

 Damage Deposit is set at $400. This payment must be made as a cheque payable to Arbour Lake Residents Association

The Rentee is responsible for any loss or damage to property occurring during the rental period. All fixtures, lights, chairs, kitchen equipment are the property of the ALRA hall and are not to be removed. Any and all contents of the hall shall remain in the hall. Missing or broken contents are the responsibility of the Rentee. The Rentee agrees to pay additional charges for any broken or missing contents. Damage deposit shall be applied in part or in whole to any expenses incurred by the Rentor as a result of damage or loss to the facility/equipment during the period that the Rentee was responsible for. The damage deposit is required prior to the rental and shall be returned in full upon satisfactory inspection of the facilities and no breach of contract.

If alcohol is served; THERE IS A $25/HR CHARGE TO HAVE A STAFF MEMBER TO OVERSEE and it is the responsibility of the Rentee to secure an AGLC Liquor License and a Party Alcohol Liability insurance. A copy of each must be provided to the Arbour Lake Residents Association a minimum of seven days prior to the rental. Only commercially produced alcohol can be served during any event, and an original receipt for the purchased liquor must be attached to the liquor license. Once a liquor license is secured, the Rentee must secure insurance coverage for the event. A copy of this insurance must be provided to the Arbour Lake Residents Association seven days prior to the event. If the Liquor License and the insurance coverage are not provided seven days prior to your rental, your rental will be cancelled and you will NOT be refunded.

The Rentee is responsible for securing insurance for their event. The Rentee should discuss insurance for their event with their Home Insurance broker first, and if they do not provide Party Alcohol Liability Insurance coverage, they can contact PAL Insurance Company at (403) 261 – 3900 or palcanada.com. When securing your insurance, Arbour Lake Residents Association must be listed as an “additional insured” under the policy

The Rentee will adhere to all current City of Calgary Noise bylaws, the community No Smoking Regulations, and all Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws related to the use and occupancy of the property. There is no smoking in the ALRA Hall, not on the property surrounding the building or in the parking lot. Smokers will have to go outside of the parking lot gates – NO EXCEPTIONS! The RENTEE will be charged for any fire or building alarms as a result of their negligence during or following their rental

The Rentee is responsible for all users, guests, persons in relation to the use and occupancy during their event. Parent(s) or Guardian(s) must supervise all youth activities, The Rentee (Person that rents the hall and signs the contract) must be at the hall 10 minutes before the rental check in time to complete the check in and must remain at the hall for the entire event. NO EXCEPTIONS.There is no lake or patio access.

The ALRA reserves the right to have a representative inspect the function at any time during the event. The Rentee agrees that the ALRA may, through a representative, have removed from the premises any person(s) who shall have caused damage or nuisance or shall have failed to comply with any provision of the Liquor Contract Act.

All exits must be kept clear at all times.  

The Hall Kitchen is NON-COMMERCIAL. Cooking of food is NOT permitted in the Hall kitchenette at any time. Prepared foods can be kept warm in the oven or cool in the fridge.  Personal cooking appliances including portable BBQ’s and Deep Fryers are Not Permitted.

NO open flame candles are allowed. All candles must be enclosed in glass or metal.   The building cannot be left unattended at any time.

No tacks or tapes are to be used for hanging decorations on the walls. ABSOLUTELY NO CONFETTI, GLITTER, SPARKLES, SILLY STRING, FOG or SMOKE MACHINES in the Hall or parking lot. If you tape things to the ceiling using painter’s tape, everything including the tape must be removed at the end of the event. The entire deposit will be forfeited and any additional charges will be billed to the Rentee if tapes or strings are left on the walls or ceilingThe Hall must be cleaned and vacated at the specified time, including clean-up time. Additional time will be charged at $100 per hour. I understand that the hall and surrounding property is monitored by 24 hour video surveillance.

All garbage must be placed in garbage bags provided and removed from the facility at the end of the event. Garbage bags must be placed in the GREEN garbage bin at the north end of the parking lot.

Bottles and cans can be left in a bag in the kitchen for recycling, or you may take them home with you. Any cans and bottles outside must be picked up. Please note that absolutely no alcohol can be consumed outside of the building.

Recyclables, such as paper, cardboard, plastic jugs, foil glass jars etc. are to be recycled in the bin provided. These are the same recyclables that would go into your home "blue bin". Recyclables must be clean and dry. In the case of large cardboard pieces, or a large amount of recycling, the bin should be emptied into one of the BLUE bins located beside the garbage bin.

Basic clean-up, including washing of tables and chairs, sweeping and mopping the floor must be completed by designated move-out time. All tables and chairs must be returned to their appropriate storage area according to the instructions on the wall.

Please ensure you sweep the floor before mopping so that all garbage is picked up.

Please do not add dish soap to mop bucket water, only use cold water when mopping the floor.  

Additional fees will be charged if the facility has not been cleaned and the building left as it was at the beginning of the rental. Extra cleaning charge will be a minimum of $100 per hour.

The Rentee agrees that to adhere to the maximum Hall capacity number, as stated on the Occupancy Load Certificate posted on the wall of the facility.

With tables and chairs: 75 people maximum.

A $75 fee will be applied to all Non-Sufficient Funds cheques written by the Rentee returned to the Arbour Lake Residents Association.

Forfeit of the Rentee’s Damage Deposit will be applied for failure to comply with the conditions of the Rental Agreement. The renter is responsible for any other charges ( i.e. fees incurred by Noise By-law Issue, Fire or Police Dept. Dispatch-False Alarms.

No Bounce Houses

Absolutely No fog or smoke machines.

No animals of any kind are allowed in the hall. This includes pets, animals as part of pet-land parties, and petting zoos.