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Hello Arbour Lake Residents!

Happy March! 

Our Polar Plunge event was a success! Thank you to everyone who came to support this cause. On March 20th we have our Family Bingo Night! Make sure to register before hand at our office. 

As we enter March, please be reminded that as warmer weather approaches, our ice will begin to melt. Please be very careful and aware of THIN ICE at the lake. Please remember our flagpole indicators. If the Red Flag is up it is unsafe to walk on or take a short cut across the ice. The flag poles are located around the lake and at the front entrance of the parking lot.

Are you interested in being involved? The ALRA is always open to new ideas for events and programs for residents of all ages. Come on down to the lake, or, contact us at info@arbourlake.com We would love to hear from you.

Click the link to learn about our community crime statistics. 


Here is a short video on the nutrient cycle and how eutrophication becomes a problem. This outlines how important it is to be careful with how much fertilizer you use on your lawn.